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A community to learn, grow, and share!
It's the 'who and what' you know to increase financial effectiveness
to receive and to overflow!

The MoneyMinding Method of financial decision-making has been used, prepared, and proven by Sam Piercy, CFP and her clients throughout her 30 year career as a Christian Financial Professional.

The vision is a thriving Network of Financially Effective Believers
​​​​​​​equipped with  and community, who are empowered by God's Word working in the financial realm.
The purpose is to help the Body of Christ live out financial freedom through Christ, and to teach and share resources, strategies and techniques for individual, family, and community benefit!

By joining the MoneyMinding Mentorship Program
you will be encouraged spiritually, emotionally and relationally
to experience change in your financial circumstances

(and those whom God brings into your sphere of influence)
through the Power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the Mentorship Members.

Learn to ask different questions to experience different results!

Here's What's Included:
Interactive Private
Facebook Group​​​​​​

This Exclusive Facebook Portal is where the ongoing mentorship and LIVE Teachings will take place! This will happen in real time as well as exclusive recordings and interactive discussions so you can learn from each other as well as from Sam and a variety of professionals with different areas of financial expertise.
​​​​​​​Video Lessons

Sam will help you grow in your gifts & ministry with live video teaching and activation exercises each month! These teachings are exclusive to your mentorship enrollment, and won't be available anywhere else!
Live Q/A
Sam will host live Q&A sessions online where you can ask her any question you want about the teaching - or any financial topic - spiritual or practical. You can get answers for yourself, or learn from other questions. This is a terrific opportunity to learn, connect and apply financial wisdom to your situation!
Cloud Archive

You will be able to access all past archives of mentorship calls, teachings and lessons as well as additional tools to support the lessons. They will be stored in the cloud (The MoneyMinding Village) so you can connect on your own time and refer back to lessons as your situation evolves. Everything taught and discussed is recorded for you to review later at your own pace!​​​​​​
Referral Partners
Getting results is often not just 'what you know', but 'who you know'. A key benefit of Mentorship is our unique partner referral program where you can earn referral income as you share the MoneyMinding for Financial Grace message with others by gathering locally to learn, pray and apply the concepts in your community. 
Bonuses and Extras 
Each month we will be adding bonus teachings, tools, ideas and resources from Sam's extensive of Financial and Biblical teaching on MoneyMinding techniques! You will also receive guest messages, bonuses, reviews, updates, and discounts, and special. 

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​​​​​​​favour, blessings, and overflow into your life!
$297 CAD/ Month
A small seed towards a Big Harvest!

'As the community prospers, so do you'  ~ Jeremiah 29:7

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Meet Your Host, Mentor, Instructor!
Sam Piercy, CFP
I am the author of the MoneyMinding for Financial Grace programs and materials. I have a professional finance background, and devote my time to educating, consulting, coaching and counselling clients, ministry leaders, and Christian Financial Professionals on financial systems to build and protect income for today and future generations!

My unique perspective comes from years of working and teaching in the world's financial system, as well as great trials and financial loss where the Word of God taught me more than biblical financial principles - I encountered Jesus Christ and truly learned to trust God in financial matters by learning to connect the world's financial tools to biblical truths. 
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